2In business, the telephone is often the first and only point of contact that a customer will have. It is also an important tool to gain new customers and or lose them to other competitors. The problem with new businesses is that telephone calls are often neglected. Phone calls to new businesses are important. It gives a special impression to the customers. The first impression is important to a business; it gains, retains, or can lose a customer before other competitors. Thus, if a call from a potential customer is left unanswered, it could give a wrong impression of undervaluing the customer’s business. So, would it be wise to hire a group of people who can answer the call for you while you and your team does their individual tasks in making your business grow? Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are several dedicated people who would love to take calls for busy business men and women.

The automated answering system has been used by several businesses around the globe. However, nothing can be compared to an automated answering system which is operated by a live customer service representative. A new business that hires live telephone answering service has the following advantages:

  • No calls will be left unanswered Again

Phone calls are important. It can make or take a business. Also, some of these calls are sales calls; no one would like to lose a chance to answer these kinds of calls. Thus, hiring an answering service will make it easier for a company to attend calls that will help the company to grow in sales.

  • Efficient handling of calls

Some may not admit it, but there are few cases that answering a call can be annoying to the staff, especially when the call is all about inquiries. Hiring people who know how to value every call will help a business gain and retain customers. Remember, not all calls are sales and inquiry calls, some of them are complains. So, having a trained and skilled customer service representative answer these kinds of calls will guarantee retention of customers.

  • Saves yours and the caller’s time

This is probably one of the perks of having a live phone answering service representative answering the calls. It will save you and your staff’s time from answering the phone and it creates a space to focus on other important things in allowing the business to grow. Also, it saves the customer’s time from waiting on phone to get the right person. Phone calls are also important factors when building a foundation. So, never undervalue the power of each call; again, it can make or take your business to a different level.